Thursday, 3 September 2009

On the Hill

That's right I am on The Hill, not to be confused with over the hill!

Well it begins, my trip of a lifetime. So far after 2 days all seems to be going well. I eventually arrived here late on Tuesday night after 24 hrs of travel. It is funny crossing time zones, it is like being in a time machine, not as bad as going to Oz, but quite confusing to the old body clock none the less.

I flew the KLM/North East airlines, and they were great as usual. None of your Easy jet/Ryan air nonsense. My luggage was 1.5kg over the 23kg limit, did they charge me millons of £'s per gram, No, they just stuck a orange heavy sticker on it. Did they mind that I had more than one piece of hand luggage, No, they did not bat an eyelid. I also got a very tasty gluten free meal at no extra charge. I love going long haul.

Anyway, negotiated planes, immigration and buses and reached Boulder International Hostel in one piece. I have now moved to my long stay room just around the corner today, which apart from a dubious stain on the carpet is very nice. Hopefully now that I am settled i will be able to start organising my climbing. I have only managed to get out once climbing so far, last night, when Sarah's house sharing person drove us up to Flagstaff. We had a pleasant session, that was quite short but long enough on very rough sandstone. It was good to be outside. It is however very hot here so need to find some shady areas.

So what have I been doing? Well I started with the essentials so bought my boulder mat, got new sim card for phone, which was more tricky than I imagined it would be, bought a guide book and checked out the area.

Boulder seems to be a nice town, but quite expensive and full of "beautiful people". I am living right in the centre of student ville, so seem to be the oldest by quite a margin, but everyone seems friendly enough. I met up with Matt today to see if he could give me the low down on stuff and he was very helpful and has given some hints on what to expect etc.

What I have learnt so far;
1) I think I need a set of wheels, it seems to be quite difficult to get around to places without transport.
2) I should have packed shorts.
3) £10 on a UK mobile does not give you very long when trying to activate a US sim card.
4) What seems like not very much in the way of belongings when laid out on your living room floor is in actual fact a lot when you have to lug it around in the heat.

Other than that all good, I think it will take time just to get fully adjusted and organised but that is what makes the adventure an adventure.

View from my room looking up 14th street

View from my room looking towards the Flatirons

Home from home

My new Mad Rock Hera mat

All photos by Caroline Harvey


alpinedreamer said...

Ooooh you sound very american already :-) Glad you're set up ok. Take care and climb hard!

emma xx

Hazel said...

I'm so very impressed! Looks fantastic and you seem very on top of things. Great to hear from you. I'll be checking the blog regularly (I've fallen a bit behind with mine) Love ya X