Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sprung forward.

It has finally arrived. British Summertime begins.

The clocks moved forward an hour last night, so the lighter nights are finally here. Hallelujah. Not that we have had a bad Winter, in fact it has been exceptionally good. A few hurricane days, but not much snow or rain. What will Summer weather hold in store for us I wonder? If today was anything to go by it is going to be fabulous, but I won't hold my breathe on it lasting.

This weekend has been a fun mixture of things friends, a few drinks, some shopping and an epic bike ride with Beth.

We initially had planned to do a 45 mile training day round a route that would take us from Broxburn through Linlithgow, Grangemouth, over Kincardine Bridge along the coast and back over the Forth road Bridge. We did this but we also added on a few extra miles as we somehow managed to miss the sign for Kincardine and ended up almost in Stirling! In our defence there was still a lot of haar lying over the water so could not actually see the bridge on our first passing and sometimes the Scottish cycle network sign posts are hard to follow. Thankfully our extra 15 miles were flat and relatively easy to cycle. Here is a link to Beth's GPS map thingamejig. She may have all the latest gadgets but never blindly follow her (love you).

However all that said it was an absolutely stunning day for a cycle good temps and little wind. We also proved to ourselves that we can cycle 60 miles without too much trouble. Although this was not a particularly hilly route it was good just to put in the saddle hours. I think we will both sleep well tonight.

Somewhere on the Forth about 20miles from home.

Drinks with Miss J.

Faint rainbow from Tuesday.

Peace x

All photographs by Caroline Harvey. 


Beth said...

Maybe we should buy an old fashioned paper map for future adventures! At least we made it home :-)

Caroline Harvey said...

Lol, yes I was thinking the same. xx

Nick Schierloh said...

Tricky things maps.