Monday, 23 July 2012

Alcohol and reunions.

One thing I have realised from this weekend is that I am too old (or out of practice) to have 2 consecutive late nights that are fuelled by booze. The lethargy pixies were in full effect today on this very wet and miserable Monday.

I had another lovely night with Hazel putting the world to rights on Friday. Although it was very funny to be told by her 8 year old son, that if we wanted our wine we had better get a move on as they have changed the selling hours and they won't serve you after 9pm. Oh how we scoffed and said "It's Asda, they always sell alcohol", but sticking to his guns he said that he heard it on Cbeebies and it was coming in to effect as of tonight. So since it was approaching this dreaded hour we jogged into the store  and right enough they were preparing the barriers to block off the aisles! Shocked, yes we were, but grateful to have made it in time to get some lovely vino plonko. Phew.

Saturday night I was out with my wonderful friend visiting from Switzerland. We are old college buddies and although we chat regularly on skype it is always good to catch up in person on her annual visit to Scotland. This year we met up with Kev, whom neither of us had met since leaving college in 1996! Excellent drinks and chat. I do love a good old chin wag.

Kev and Karen.

Peace x

All photographs by Caroline Harvey.

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