Monday, 23 July 2012

Red Balloon.

Oh red balloon, Oh red balloon,
You rise up fast and over the trees,
You bounce and bop on the gentle breeze.

You float up high on the Summer air,
I hope you travel far without a care.

Take my worries and take my woes,
Carry them as far as the wind will blow.

You disappear so fast from my sight,
Swallowed so quickly by the evening light.

Oh red balloon, Oh red balloon,
When you burst and fall from the sky,
I will hear your pain and let out a sigh.

Peace x

Words and images by Caroline Harvey.


Hazel said...

Wow. I love your poem so much.
Is that the actual red balloon? If so, that is a fabby picture.
Much love XXX

Caroline Harvey said...

Thanks. Yes that is the actual balloon :o)
Mucho love back at ya xxx

Hazel said...

That blue was the perfect night for goodbyes xx

Caroline Harvey said...

I slightly enhanced the blue in the photo obviously, but yes it was perfect. Thank you xx