Wednesday, 18 July 2012


It has been a bit of a whirlwind couple of weeks, due mostly to some very impulsive behaviour on my part. Don't get me wrong it has been good impulsiveness, but sometimes I actually wonder if I should really be allowed to be in charge of my own brain or indeed left on my own.

Anyway my impulsive behaviour sent me South to Cornwall for the weekend. I have never been that far south in the UK before and it was a very pleasant surprise. The scenery and landscape were stunning, and I even got to see the sunshine.

Widemouth Bay.

Even though I have done very little climbing recently, I still miss the touch and feel of rock and had to take a photo of these lovely patterns.


Baywatch British style. Cloudy and a bit chilly.

Lovely jubbley.


In case you had forgotten what a blue sky looks like.

Previous to my weekend away I tried something that I have never done before. Bike polo. My friend Fiona had been asking me for months to go along and give it a try, but I had always been too busy. So last Thursday I went along mostly just for a look to see what it was all about, but needless to say was coaxed in to trying. It was really good fun, my balance and left brake could do with being better but an enjoyable experience, especially on the one sunny dry evening in months.

Through the fence.

Go Fi!

Peace x

All photographs by Caroline Harvey.


Nick Schierloh said...

Great rocks.

Our first journey to Cornwall (pre road improvements and some motorway) took an epic 13 hours. Luckily we had a 14 day gap to recover before the trip home.

Caroline Harvey said...

I flew, 1hr 10mins :o)

Nick Schierloh said...

You jet-setter you. Did Dolly go with you?

alpinedreamer said...

Soon Chasbee, I promise!!!! Sleep is improving, so SOON!

Caroline Harvey said...