Monday, 2 January 2012


Well it's here the year of 2012 begins. So far so good!

The event passed without too much fuss, good friends, a few drinks and some sticky toffee pudding. A good way to start the year in my book.

Yesterday however I did have a slight case of new year blues. I managed to surface from my bed about 1pm. The weather was still good so thought I should at least get a little fresh air to blow away the cobwebs. I headed along the canal but soon realised that the whole world and their dog had had a similar idea so about turned and made a bee line for home. I decided the best idea would be to just shut it all out and go back to bed. So I did. Extremely lazy day.

This morning it was also very tempting to stay tucked in cosy beneath the duvet but thought better of it and headed to the Pentlands' to test out my new trail shoes. I am glad I did because it was another cold but gorgeous morning. I do love those type of mornings especially for running. Cold and dry. Just perfect.

Tonight was topped off with a good climbing session, so now don't feel quite so guilty about my duvet day yesterday.

A hidden muddy puddle messed up my new shoes.

Blue skies.

Peace x

All photos by Caroline Harvey

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