Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Windy Weather.

Anyone in Scotland today would have noticed a bit of a breeze blowing. I missed most of it being inside all day, but was glad to get home to see that my house was still in one piece. Many people and places have not been so fortunate.

Granton harbour did look quite spectacular with the waves crashing over the wall this morning.

Stay safe.
Peace x

All photographs by Caroline Harvey.


usa rock climber said...

What a lovely and peaceful place to start up your new year.

Debs Halcrow said...

I was terrified all through the wind on this morning. My instinct told me to stay in bed, under the covers. Meanwhile the whole building - with us at the very top - swayed and rocked. I had no faith in a manmade building. The children were excited and not a bit scared. Better to be a child, knowing nothing of the danger, when there is little you can do against the power of nature..