Friday, 13 January 2012

Rule number 32.

One of my favourite films is Zombieland. I have watched it so many times and despite all the zombie gore always makes me giggle. Partly because I love Woody Harrelson, but Bill Murray's cameo appearance is just brilliant.

Obviously trying to stay alive in Zombieland can be quite tricky, so there are some rules which are helpful to keeping ones non Zombie status, e.g Rule number 1 "Cardio" and Rule number 3 "Beware of Bathrooms", but one of my favourites that equally applies to a non zombie infested land is Rule number 32 "Enjoy the Little Things".

So take some time today to enjoy the little things. They often make you smile, or at least they do with me.

Little Elephants.

Little Mini.

Peace xx

All photographs by Caroline Harvey.


Starstruckbooks said...

LOVE Zombieland! Thank you so much for introducing us to it! Did you know that the first time I watched it I put it straight back on again when it finished? Brilliant! :)

Caroline Harvey said...

Lol, I think Mike may have mentioned that fact. Glad you enjoyed. x