Friday, 9 March 2012

Dashboard lights and memories.

The start of the week was pretty hectic with 3 days of long drives but thankfully the last 2 have been kinder. It did not help that I unintentionally played a game of diesel roulette on Wednesday which stressed me out somewhat. Not a good game to play. I just made it with 1 mile on the clock. I have never hated a dash board light more than I did that wee petrol sign, and I have never been so glad to get to Dundee.

I also decided to try and eat some more fruit for my lunch this week as I am shockingly bad at eating fruit and veg. So I bought grapes, kiwis and bananas to have in my lunch box. Apart from the bananas, my lunch box is where the fruit has stayed. The grapes were sour and squishy and the kiwis were too hard. Yuck. In the end I went back to my usual way of getting my 5 a day. Haribo!

Sour grapes.

My 5 a day.

Today I had a drop in Aberfoyle. Aberfoyle always brings back memories of a  P7 (1983) school camp at Dounans. I think I may have been back there once since, but today I was obviously paying a bit more attention and instantly recognised Fairy Hill. I think I remember it more as a mountain rather than a hill, but it must have made an impression. We followed wooden toadstool markers to the top. Very exciting. I might have to go back and follow the trail again one day, see if I can find the fairies this time.

I took a photo of Fairy hill today and when I got home dug out my old album from the loft to find my originals.

Fairy hill in the rain today.

Fairy Hill in 1983. No blue sky then either.

Beth (left) Me (right) at Dounans.

I also found this great photo, probably in the summer of the same year. Beth and I back in the day when you could cycle without helmets and high viz jackets. I love our matching necklaces. I also remember loving those velour shorts! I miss the 80's.


Peace x

All photographs by Caroline Harvey.


Beth said...

What a great wee trip down memory lane. All I remember about camp is eating coconut ice and toilet paper that was shiny and looked like tracing paper!! Oh how I wish I could be as skinny as that again. :-)

Caroline Harvey said...

Yes, I remember the coconut ice and the loo paper too. I have no idea what we did the rest of the time we were there I only remember the walk up the hill. I wish my legs would tan that easily and evenly. x

Nick_S said...

Found why comments on your blog aren't arriving - for some reason I need to preview before publishing ???

Irene used to help supervise primary camp at Dounans and she remembers it all too well.

I like your retro bikes. Well, I suppose they weren't that retro then.

Caroline Harvey said...

Lol . excellent that would be funny if she was there when I was there. Small world.
Yeah retro now, they were new then . xx