Monday, 12 March 2012

For Emma.

"I get by with a little help from my friends."
John Lennon

In fact I get by with a huge amount of help from my friends and sometimes they need some too.

This post is for my wonderful friend Emma, who is relatively new to the world of motherhood and like anything new she is trying to find her feet and juggle many balls all at once. 

Emma, this post is not intended to make you cry, it is too reminisce about in either your wakeful or sleep time dreams. It is to promise you that when the time is right, all be it next year or ten years down the line, we will have another trip. It may not be as long and we hopefully won't be so unclean, but we will go back and crush as best we can and if we can't we will sit and have coffee and chat about it.

These photos are from our amazing 3 month trip in France and Spain in 2007 (they are in a very random order).

Good times.

Emma, Font.


Benidorm. Pose.

Ferry home.

Rainbow stripes.


Font beach.

Concentrate Caroline!


The best chef ever.




Shadow dancing.

Peace x

Photographs by Caroline Harvey, Emma Diffley and the self timer.

P.S Emma if you have copies of all my trip photos can I have them on a disc please, as I seem to have lost all but a few! Boo Hoo.

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