Thursday, 10 September 2009

Around Boulder

Lighthouse bookstore

I did not go into this shop but was intrigued by what woman's and mens subjects might be! I may go in the next time just to find out and have a look at their "awesome music" collection, as I have a feeling it won't be.

Delivering the JD to The Hill

Rainbow colours on a wall, it was like a little piece of heaven.

Boulder theatre, check out the acts for Friday, not sure that the time difference here is only 7 hours, groovy.

The local newspaper

Just because I love shadows.

All photographs by Caroline Harvey


Hazel said...

Absolutely fantastic. I love the one with the bike shadow. Just amazing! That book store looks like a great place to 'accidently' drop a couple of Bree samplers?....
Love ya! X

caroline said...

I will drop some in today to the less "spiritual" bookshop. Hope you are writing the next one, I want more Bree adventures. xxxxx

Hazel said...

The next one will be even darker than 'locket'. If I ever get off Facebook/fantastic blogs to write it! thanks for doing some promotional work for me! And yes, "Spiritual" book shops probably won't like Bree! That was the plan anyway...X