Monday, 14 September 2009

Week 2

Ok so what has been happening this week? A lot and not a lot all at the same time!

I have managed to contact a few people to try and find partners to go out with, so far only one I have got in touch with has been successful but will keep plugging away. I phoned a very friendly and bubbly girl called Lenore (she has a Chihuahua called Chicken) on Tuesday and we climbed up at a boulder called Cloudshadow, I managed a V3 called Consideration, for those interested in such things, but there was also a good traverse that I need to go try again which is a V4. The rock is really rough on the skin up in that area on Flagstaff Mountain, so can not do too much at any one time.

Also on Tuesday received a call from a guy called Tony (room mate of Timmy) who asked to go climbing. We fixed Friday as a date, but I met him on Thursday night at a Reel Rock Tour film show. The films at the show were great. Two films were from a company called Sender Films who have made them as part of a new First Ascent TV series to be shown over here on National Geographic or Nat Geo as it seems to be shortened to. One was about a young climber called Alex Honnold who has done amazing solo ascents of some massive, and I mean Yosemite massive faces. Incredible and fascinating to watch, some people are just so talented it is truely amazing. The second of these films was a sad and poignant film about a female Brazilian climber who died tragically in a car accident and really followed the story of her boyfriends return to Patagonia to scatter her ashes. I have to say it brought a tear to my eye, but most tragic love stories do since I am a die hard romantic at heart. The last film was a Josh Lowell, Big Up productions movie that included numerous big climbing names eg Tommy Caldwell and the gorgeous Chris Sharma.

Sorry, that has probably bored all you non climber folk, but the gist of the story is that I had a good night out and had chats with new peeps.

Friday I climbed a trad, yes trad(!), route with Tony on Cob rock. i think it was about a 5.6 which is about a VS in British money. I only seconded but it was nice to be out and on rock so I won't complain.

Saturday, I wandered back up to the Satellite boulders early in the morning. I thought i was going to be on my own again when another couple showed up. Seth and Rebecca. They were, like most Americans I have met so far, extremely polite and friendly, and they showed me some good problems. I managed a V4 roof! They invited me to go with them to Rocky Mountain National Park this morning (Sunday) which I instantly accepted. There are some amazing looking hard problems up there, if only I were uber strong. I climbed reasonably well, but nothing too hard, need to go back and finish an annoying V4 that I should be able to do. The rock up there is gorgeous striated granite. You really get the sense of vastness too.

So all in all not too bad a week really, although the time difference between the UK and here is killing me. Everyone is asleep when I would like a chat, and you all know I like a good blether from time to time. Nevermind, I will struggle on!

Tomorrow I give Spock back to the bike shop, and I have to say I am going to miss him, he has been a good pal over the last week or so. I am trading him in and getting a car. Yikes. Will let you know how that goes.

Boulder Theatre at night

Cob Rock my first American Trad route

Cheeky chipmonk eating Rebecca's lunch

Rocky mountain national park

Did a couple of nice problems on this boulder

Blogging food American style a huge can of juice, 680ml, and peanut butter M&m's

As an aside for all you people out there who have children or may have children. If they tell you that they are going to go to college in the States, before you say "that's great see you in 4 years", ask which college, because it would appear to me that here at CU all they do is party. Nothing else. Not that I have anything against parties, I love parties and have been known to "swally" a few pints in my time, but Thursday night till 4am, Friday night till about 2am and last night again till 4am. I am turning into a grumpy old woman, bah!

Photos by Caroline Harvey.


alpinedreamer said...

Grumpy grump!! Glad you got some climbing in. Nice pics too. I'm back, will mail you as soon as I get some time.

Font was gorgeous as ever. I missed you so much there! Boo hooooooo

e xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Babes,
Glad you are getting in some good climbing.
On behalf of all these people who would never have the nerve or courage to do what you are doing, well done or as your new friend Tim says @get shite done' and it would seem you are doing just that.
I think i saw Buddy Holly and the Crickets at that theatre in 1956 or was it 1957.