Saturday, 5 September 2009

It's a bike Jim but not as we know it.......

I have been here in Boulder a few of days now and really not done much in the way of climbing, mainly because it is very hot during the day and it is quite hard to get to good areas without transport. So today I spent a lot of my time trying to work on some kind of plan, sadly it involved spending more money, but sometimes you just got to. What I have managed to organise is a bike for a week then a car for a month as of 14th Sept. What I will do after that we will wait and see.

Anyway, this town is very bike friendly, so in order to at least make it easier to get to the supermarket I thought I would rent a good two wheeler to scoot about on. I did not bargain on it being the end of bike rental season and them not having many left to choose from, but needs must and all that. So I got Spock! I now think I am probably the uncoolist person in the town, as everyone else has swanky mountain bikes or racers or are just being uber cool on skateboards. Me, well I feel a bit like an extra from an early Macauly Culkin film. However it did speed up my travels tonight when out exploring. Well I say speed up, coming down hill is good, going up hill is a different matter, this thing only has 7 gears compared to the 21 I am used to. Check it out!

Meet Spock!

Oh yeah baby, too cool for school.

All photos by Caroline Harvey


bethgall said...

I like Spock, he looks cool. I'm sure it will be a conversation starter. Have fun! x

JoPhoto said...

OMG that is one serious bike Caroline. In fairness its the sticky up handlebars that let it down, a bit like Spock's ears! Its a nice colour tho!! Arent you supposed to be ridning around in some nasty big gas guzzler ala Thelma & Louise??