Saturday, 26 September 2009

Thelma and Louise-less

Long time no post but have been out of internet and phone circulation for a while, and to be honest I am quite enjoying it, because it is too easy, especially for me to get hooked on these kind of things. I am enjoying the total freedom that every day life in the city does not bring unless you really try hard to resist.

Anyway, I decided to leave Boulder as it was not really agreeing with me, so packed up the Hyundia and headed West to the wilds of Utah. It was a fairly long drive just under 500 miles and about 9 and half hours. I was quite weird at first doing such a long drive by myself in a strange country, as all other times I have travelled over such distances in a car has been with my side kick Emma. However, I managed to navigate the 3 turns and then straight line of a road to Utah without any mishap. The automatic gears makes everything very simple, you just sit back and watch out for big trucks.

The climbing area I am in is called Joe's Valley, and has the most amazing amount of beautiful sandstone boulders. On my first night I stayed in a sort of campsite that was more for big caravan/RV's than anything else but was fine for the night. Since then I have been rough camping which is great because it is free but the reservoir is quite chilly for bathing, so not been doing much of that. I am a true skank, and kind of enjoying it.

Anyway, I have met some really lovely kind people who have taken me under their wings, so have had great company for the last week or so. Sadly after about 4 great days of getting used to the new style of climbing my back has decided not to play ball and is very sore. It always happens just when I want it least to be sore, and as usual it did not get sore doing anything great or heroic, just sitting down. It sucks big style and I am very, very annoyed but am trying to look on the bright side of things. At least I have good company at the moment and am in a very beautiful place. I am going to move on to nearer Salt Lake City soon so going to take some rest and then come back to Joe's in a couple of weeks and hopefully be able to kick some sandstone butt.

Sorry for the lack of photos at the moment but will upload some soon.


Hazel said...

Great to hear from you. Been missing the old blogs. XX

alpinedreamer said...

Hey tinkerbell,
Your louise is still there, in spirit if not in body! Keep writing. It's good to know you're ok and haven't forgotten all us stayathomes! :-)
lots of love xxx

Hazel said...

Never mind Thelma & Louise. What about Brad Pitt? ;-)