Thursday, 17 September 2009

Eldorado Canyon

I visited Eldorado Canyon yesterday, now that I have wheels. An all American classic, Hyundia Accent, let me tell you. It is the business, well not quite, but it works and will get me places, even if I do keep reaching for the window winder to change gear. Not that I need to of course because it is automatic.

The canyon was gorgeous, not many places so far especially back home have inspired me to do much trad, but this stuff looked amazing. I did some bouldering and took a hike up a trail and basically just looked at the gorgeous scenery all day.

Me with an amazing view behind me

If you look closely you might be able to see 2 people climbing with no ropes, in fact they were climbing up then down climbing then climbing up etc

I have such a hard life sometimes


Anyway I have decided I have had enough of Boulder for just now, I will be back at some point because I have to bring the car back here, but tomorrow I leave for Utah and the wonders that it might bring. x

Photographs by Caroline Harvey

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Hazel said...

What an absolutely stunning place. It is nice to see you so relaxed and happy. Miss you loads XX